Professional Tree Services: Tree Removal & Stump Removal in Maryland

Tree removal is sometimes necessary to keep a landscape looking beautiful and to maintain or enhance the value of your property. If you have a dead, diseased, dying or unsafe tree on your property, its removal by a professional is critical. This will ensure that your surrounding trees, shrubs and even your lawn remain healthy and vibrant, as well as protect your house and other structures on your property should a tree fall.

Tree removal should only be considered when all other options have been exhausted, in some instances (tree cabling & bracing ) splits or cracks in trunks of trees and tree limbs can structurally be stabilized to strengthen these conditions and extend the life of desirable trees for many years.

When Should a Tree be Consider for Removal?
  • Evidence of Severe Root Problems
  • Deadwood or Signs of Foliage Decline
  • Weakened or Decayed Branch Unions
  • Poor Tree Structure
  • Splits, Cracks or Hollows
  • Soil Conditions & Placement of the Tree
  • Damage from Storms or Lightning Strike

Once a tree has been successfully removed, the stump and large roots that remain can sometimes be an inconvenience either because it is aesthetically unattractive or happens to be in the way for a project waiting to be started. We offer the best and most affordable method to remove your unwanted stumps.

Tree and stump removal can be dangerous and it’s definitely not a task you want to leave to an amateur. Our specialists have the right safety equipment and liability insurance to ensure that the job is done correctly. If you aren't sure whether removal is necessary or not, we will be glad to evaluate the situation to help you make an informed decision.

Our Complete Tree Care Services are:
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  • Tree Services Terra Alta, West Virginia

We bring over 35 years of experience to the task of Tree Removal & Stump Removal safely and professionally.

Fully licensed and insured for your protection!


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