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Mechanical damage by cars, trucks, and construction equipment is a fairly common occurrence to trees, especially on construction sites.

This accidental damage when treated by a professional is usually not life threatening, and most wounds if not to severe can be easily repaired with little cost to the consumer.

Storms are some of the biggest threats to the health and safety of your trees. Snow, ice, wind, lightening and even heavy rain can cause significant damage to trees, especially if the tree has not been properly maintained. There are typically three kinds of tree damage: branch wounds, trunk wounds and root wounds. Most branch wounds can be easily fixed with pruning. Trunk wounds, however, may require a more aggressive approach of tracing and treating these open areas to protect them from insect and disease infestation. The advice of trained professionals is essential to ensure rapid recovery of these damaged trees.

Some trees may be damaged beyond repair, if the main trunk has been broken or the tree has fallen, the best plan of action is to remove the tree. Homeowners, however, are often surprised to learn that even badly damaged trees may not need removal if they are pruned and re-shaped properly. It is important to use proper pruning techniques to help restore these plants’ beauty and health.

Wesley Professional Tree Care Services can evaluate and make recommendations for pruning, care, and removal.

If you have a storm damage emergency, Wesley Professional Tree Care Services will provide you with immediate storm damage service.

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